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  • What keep's me happy

    This is my second time on dialysis-I have lupus-I just try to think of it as a time to watch tv and make all my phone calls. I make Doctor calls, I do all my paperwork which is a lot. Anything I can do here I will. Today I have my Christmas cards to write so I'll be busy. So really try to keep busy sometimes I watch tv because my tv has lifetime which is great. I was in a hate it mind initially but I had to get out of that mode. I make sure I hang out with my friends regularly and my husbands family is fantastic..... My parents are gone which have been recent but thank god I have my husbands. I just look at it like its 4 hours out of 3 days-I'm disabled so I can't work which sucks but I have accepted it. I just try and be positive because the first time I was on I was so sick the entire time. Had to be wheeled in by a wheelchair by my dad-I'm glad this time I feel good and I'm very thankful for that. I do love to talk about it and have been through a lot in my life so anyone who's wants to just talk we can be chat buddies. Bless everyone

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    I'm glad you have a positive outlook. It's really important to make the most out of the situation we find ourselves in every day. Good luck and stay happy. The way I look at it, God gives us our joy and no one can take that away unless we let them.


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      Hi, I also have lupus and along with that lupus nephritis. I got very ill last year and lost kidney function I was down to 43% thankfully it has gotten better. You said this is your second time on dialysis, did you get a kidney transplant the first time?


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        I'm sorry to hear that. Yes original kidneys went in December of 2005 and my brother gave me a kidney. All was well until this last year I got a real bad case of pneumonia and it took my kidney out-the creatinine was up a little but I think I had the pneumonia so long it did damage to it so now I'm back on dialysis but I feel really good but definently bummed about losing but I'm just moving forward


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          I al also have Lupus. I got a bad flu/cold and went from 47 to 24 gfr. There seems to be a pattern with Lupus patients,,, after getting sick our#s go go down.


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            You have a nice attitude. Inspiring 😊


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