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I hate Dialysis

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  • Originally posted by MrsMahone View Post
    Hi a have been on dialysis going on 10 years in July. It has come with some not so great moments. I started out doing hemodialysis. It didn't really care for it but it kept me alive. I decided to try peritoneal dialysis and I love it. I connect at night for 10 hours. All of the work is done while I'm asleep. No blood to deal with is better to me. When I wake up, I am done until that night and I start all over. I have energy to do different things unlike when I was on HD. If I'm going away for a day or two I take the manual bags vs my cycler. Both only takes about 30 minutes to exchange. I am on the transplant list awaiting the call. Prayerfully it will
    come soon. Hang in there, there are people worse off than you! Be blessed!

    Natasha-Orlando, FL
    Hi Natasha, thank you for sharing your story! I'm so happy to hear that peritoneal dialysis has been working well for you and that you're feeling good and have energy! I'm sure others will find inspiration and hope after reading your post. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments about myDaVita! I hope you have a great day

    Your community manager,


    • Originally posted by bikerchick View Post
      Starting Dialysis

      Yeah, and you guys all want to know why I am DELAYING?? It's posts like this that scare the crap out of me. Sometimes I think it's better to wait. If dialysis isn't doing anything for these people, why should I start?

      I had hope going into this soon and when I read these posts, I simply get a headache, log out and want to go home and crawl under my bed.

      Hope fades on the premise that there is no faith in the system.

      I've noticed that there are several other threads and forums available here if this too negative for you. The title of the thread should have been enough to clue you into the subject matter. While dialysis is not the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on, it is a way to make it until my granddaughters marry.

      I wish you luck in finding ways to cope. Otherwise, as another poster said, just quit going. You'll have a couple of miserable weeks after that to get over dialysis.


      • Originally posted by 1scaredycat View Post
        Hi ginayerian I personally care. I hope you don't give up. It sounds like you might have depression and maybe you should address this with your doctor. Maybe he can change the type of dialysis or give you medication for the depression. Please don't give up. Yes this site is sometimes a little slow but there are people who would be happy to give you some support. Dialysis may not be fun but it keeps you alive. It does beat the alternative.

        Thanks, 1scaredycat. I cruise this thread from time to time hoping to inspire, cajole, tick off folks so that they understand that life is worth living. It sometimes comes with some with some problems - some larger than others - but, you still have much to contribute to the world around you if you choose to. I, also, would miss you if you were gone. So, buck up and try to help some of us fellow travelers.


        • Have your doctor ever discussed with you about another kind of dialysis? It is called perioteneal dialysis. They have it here in Massachusetts. That's what I get. Not hemodialysis(which I started in the beginning for about six months but I hated the needles, so my doctor suggested periotineal. It is done during the night while I sleep. The hours vary but it's practically daily. You could skip a day or two depending on what the doctor tells you. It's pretty good. Your days are free whereas with the hemodialysis, you have to go to the center 3 times a week. I have been on it for 5 years and I hope they call me soon because the average wait time here is supposedly 5 years. Or is there something I don't know about the waiting time?
          Last edited by Melody123abc; 01-13-2017, 07:44 PM. Reason: Periotoneal does not involve needles. Unfortunately, you have to have a little operation in your abdomen to get a catherer and port inserted to connect later to the "cycler" machine, a mac


          • Have you ever heard of periotoneal dialysis? I am on it for about five years here in Massachusetts. Needles are not used. However, I had to have a little operation in my abdomen to have a catherer inserted and port sticking out so that the end of this port goes into a "cycler" machine at night while I am sleeping. This machine filters and exchanges bloods in my abdomen while I sleep. I do this every night while I sleep and unhook myself in the morning and do what ever I want to do during the day. It's great. I feel like I am not even on dialysis! I have been on it for five years and I feel that I could not have lived through the hemodialysis life because of the needles. I just hope the transplant team will call me soon for an operation because the waiting list time is suppose to be around five years. Or is there suppose to be something about the waiting list?


            • I am also very needle-phobic, and I refuse to have a fistula or be on hemo. I would rather die. But peritoneal dialysis does not involve any needles and is not painful (other than the occasional "drain pain" or cramps during the cycle). I would certainly recommend it over hemo. I was worried that I would put on weight and not be able to wear my clothes, but that has not happened. The abdominal catheter is generally not at all visible under clothing. The only activity restriction is that one cannot take a bath (showers instead) or go swimming.


              • Originally posted by bangingbuck View Post
                i too hate dialysis it is not just the mind numbing boredom of the 4 hr i spend hooked to the machine ( they are trying to increase it to 4 1/2) it is the whole procedure especially the needles those two big fat needles the stab you with twice (provided things go smoothly, if not three four five) and i really i don't feel better afterwards twice i have gone to the emergency room for aspike in blood pressure and on at least five occasions my pressure went so low they almost lost me. i guess what frustrates me most is being a relatively young man there is and does not seem to be any progress towards a cure, in fact it seems dialysis was invented and the whole field of nephrology sat back and did nothing for the last fifty years. at least shorten the time 2 hrs i could swallow but this and for the rest of my life no way, i will try to hang in there for a transplant and keep that new kidney for as long as possible but when it runs out im done i will not return to dialysis.
                I have been on dialysis since January and the MAJOR thing that helps me is PRAYER. I am a Christian and the Lord Jesus is my best friend. He comes with me to every treatment and comforts me with His Word. I read books, sometimes I watch the food network channel as I like to cook and learn new recipes. I've also just signed up for IIN = The Institute for Integrated Nutrition to become a Health Coach. Because of what I am going through with all the changes this has brought to my life, I aim to help others in this situation too. I put God first then everything else after. It works for me. Hope it helps you too! =)


                • I have been on dialysis for almost 2 years, and I have grown to hate it as well.  I have never had any  symptons of kidney failure.  After treatment I'm exhausted.  I'm too tired to do any thing the rest of the day and I don't sleep well.  I can't sleep during dialysis, too noisey and the lights bother me.  I even get bored on my I pad.  The councilors have just told me deal with it, nothing they can do.  First they said they could play my DVD for me, now they tell me i takes too much time and the techs have better things to do.
                   I HATE IT


                  • I've been on dialysis since August. I'm im the chair for 4 hours amd 15 minutes. I just had the operation for the fistula this past Wednesday and am waiting for it to heal. Although its been a realitivly short time o feel like it has beem forever. I'm coping with it the best I can. I watch tv while there ill read or do pizzles or nap


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