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    Look at it this way. EVERYONE dies. That is a certainty. There are nice ways to die and bad ways to die. Cancer death for example is a BAD way to die. Kidney failure is a relatively painless way to die. Aside from that DIALYSIS extends your life. I see the 3 1/2 hours i spend in dialysis as a slab of time 3 times a week which is dedicated to life extension. I use that time to reflect, pray, learn stuff on educational cds,,write stuff, and just rest. It's about 12 hours a week I would otherwise waste anyway. I try to make that time productive. My big issue is "getting stuck". Once the needles go in and I am connected to the machine I just chill out. I put cream on about 2hours before to deaden the stick pain. I am relatively new at the game (3 mos) but I realize I have 2 basic choices- to live or to die. To die all I have to do is stop my treatment for 2 or 3 weeks and it is a done deal. If I choose to live its better to be positive than to moan every day. What kind of life is that, right? So I think those 12 hours in the chair are an important part of my life now. Maybe one day I wont feel like that, and when that happens I could go to option 1. Right now I;ve decided to hang around a while. And as I pass through this important phase of my life maybe I can make a little contribution here and there. Doesn't have to be big. Sometimes I think, "these people are saving my life every time I walk in their door." Maybe that's because I'm new. I know one thing: i would not be here writing this if it weren't for them.
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      Sorry but you are mistaken, death of kidney disease is not painless, someone has lied to you. Ask the care givers of patients that have died of kidney disease, they watched it happen. Why do you think a lot of people choose dialysis, because they are trying to avoid the"peaceful death". If you want to know the truth I would suggest you do a little more research.


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        My research tells me that compared to cancer it is a relatively easier way to die. Also the length of time it takes to die is shorter than cancer (normally). The main point is that if one cannot cope with the suffering of dialysis, one can opt out of it and leave the galaxy (in which case we would never have to look at the ugly faces of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama, or Donald Trump ever again) There are perks to leaving the galaxy but I' m not ready to cash in on them yet.


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