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Davita's policy of no blunt needles!!

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    I've had to switch from PD to HD due to abdominal bleeding. I currently am using a CVC (#2) as my first upper arm graft was infiltrated due to DaVita's lack of staff. I had to go to a different vascular specialist as the one who put in first graft said I was out of options due to tiny veins so I would be stuck using CBC until, well, until my death. So the vascular surgeon I was referred to said he would be able to put in a fistula in my forearm, which he did a few weeks ago. I didn't know ANYTHING about button holes or blunt needles until I saw this post. I too ask alot of questions and I guarantee you I will be asking the one and only staff member, a tech who knows more than most the RN's on the floor.

    My big concerns about blunts and such is the time factor. They are so short staffed, have been for months so having to take extra time seems impossible. I'm sure they will say it's against their clinics policy. That's the typical response they give to alot of questions.

    Does anyone have any current comments on button holes and blunt useage? I go to the ILLINI DAVITA center in Champaign, Illinois and have been with them since 9/2016. Have had great and horrible experiences with them. They are my only option as the only other dialysis center is affiliated with a hospital that I would not EVER go to. Any comments or questions would be greatly appreciated


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