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Trouble with new access

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  • Trouble with new access

    I have had a fistula since April in my right arm. It wasn't maturing fast enough so my new doctor (I had to change due to insurance) went in and stretched the vein. Now I have a hand I cant use. Stays numb and hurts. Now he says I need surgery to get more blood flow to the hand because the fistula is stealing blood flow. But if I do the surgery it might mean that the access will no longer work. I don't know what to do.

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    Sorry to hear this Maggie. Hope everything comes out good for you.



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      I too kave the ame problem. Looking for help.


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        I too have the same problem. Looking for help.


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          Similar "steal syndrome' problem. Had second surgery to add a graft to the forearm, but still have most of the syndrome. The finger perfusion is "nominal" but not getting any nerve recovery yet.

          Be sure you keep stretching your fingers out with the other hand so that you don't get a permanent contracture.

          I find that using my other hand to compress the access vein helps redirect blood to the forearm. Do it while not doing anything else with your hands (watching TV, riding in car, etc.)


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