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To stent or not to stent

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  • To stent or not to stent

    My creatinine just went from 2.3 to 1.8 on it's own. I did not lower my protein intake at all, still ate lots of meat and fish. The kidney doctor said it was just a coincidence that it went down. My left kidney is not producing any urine, my right is doing all the work and is only at 30 percent. My blood pressure is out of control (165/85).l I am having an angioplasty procedure on July 5. They may stent both at that time. My kidney team agrees my kidney arteries are hardened because of radiation I received to my lymph nodes as post-op treatment for testicular cancer when I was 37 years old in 1989. My doctor at Brigham& Women's in Boston said if I don't stent I am headed for dialysis but if I do I have an 80 percent chance of avoiding it with the stent.
    The funny thing is I feel absolutely fine. I still teach every day, walk 18 holes when I play golf, and even play in a rock n' roll band. If I have to get dialysis I may be tempted to just check out. .

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    You know, I absolutely hate being on dialysis. So if you have an option to avoid it, I would suggest you opt for it. I'm not telling you to have the stents. just voicing my opinion to what I would do. Best wishes with you. what ever you decide.


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      If there are no unusually high risks for the stent proceedure I would personnally get it done. Dialysis is a lifetime gamechanger.. Best wishes on your decision.


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