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Getting my first fistula tomorrow.

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  • Getting my first fistula tomorrow.

    Hi everyone,
    I am from Ecuador...I have been on dialysis...I have a permanent catheter...but tomorrow I am getting a fistula for the first time...I am really nervous...does the procedure hurt. Will I be able to do normal daily life stuff???
    And afterwards...I am worried about the sticks every time I go to therapy...does that hurt? From one to much?
    Also, I am 35...and I am worried about my arm looking bad? I know it is shallow...but I have seen some really bad ones...
    HELP!!!! I am freaking out!!!! And it is tomorrow.!!!

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    Well first of all it is good that you are getting a fistula because it is safer than the permacath. I don'tdo dialysis as of yet but having read a lot of comments on here and read a lot on other sites I can answer quite a bit. The surgery won't hurt because you will be sedated. The arm with be soar and maybe a little swollen for a few days. I know a few people lately that have gotten fistulas and they are fine. The arm afterward might or might not grow to be "ugly". I think you may be limited on how much weight you can lift with that arm for a while while it is healing. You don't want anything to happen to that arm. It is your lifeline. When you go in for treatment I won't lie I have heard it hurts a lot BUT you can get used to it. There is also numbing gels that can help numb some of the pain of the needle. So ask your doctor for this before you use your fistula. Thousands of people do it you can to. Have you heard about Peritaneal Dialysis?
    There are no needles but there is a tube in your lower stomach to do your dialysis. It gives more freedom. You might ask your doctor about that. It is natural to worry about dialysis. It is a big change in your life. I have seen people that are really positive and do great and people who are really negative and do poorly. Try to stay positive. Things will get better. Also I know you are worrying about the look of the fistula but it will be keeping you alive so you will eventually get used to it. I am sorry you are going through this but there a lot of people on here that can help you along the way for support. Take Care.


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      Thank you for your help and for your kind words. The procedure went fine an the doctor was able to make the fistula since arteries are pretty thin.
      I was in Peritoneal dialysis for two years, but after that time it stopped working, so I gad to start dialysis. That a was a year ago.
      I am very glad I found this community and I am hoping to start a spanish speaking one.
      Thank you for the advice and good luck.


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        Hello Natie... as far as it hurting when they stick you so you can dialiys there is a prescription cream you Doc can give you. It's call Lidocain/Prilocain. Put on one hour before you treatment and (Instructions come with cream) and it numbs the area. I use it and I don't feel a thing


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          Itsilmu - Abu Pelepah Aren. Seperti yang kita tahu,pohon aren banyak sekali manfaatnya seperti penghasil kolang kaling, penghasil bahan baku gula merah, daunnya bisa digunakan untuk membuat atap, penghasil tepung sagu, dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya.


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            Pain thresh hold are different for different people. I have a fistula and don't use the cream and tolerate the pain just fine. I don't think it hurts any worse than getting a regular shot. I have been told that the cream will make your fistula scar worse and faster than if you don't use it. I have my fistula in my upper arm so I can wear sleeves to cover it up. Good luck with your surgery.


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              My fistula surgery is scheduled for later this month. I guess that a fistula is the right thing to do for me. A patient returned to the lab after he was given and trained for
              home dialysis. I feel that I don't have enough information about a fistula post-op or PD to be assured of good results either way. Forgive me if I need some hand holding.


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