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Alcohol and dialysis

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  • Alcohol and dialysis

    My husband has been on dialysis for two years. His kidney faliure was due to high blood pressure.

    He drank alcohol while on high blood pressure medication. The doctors
    can't tell me if that is why his kidney's failed and at this point it doesn't
    matter, however; he continues to drink, especially after dialysis. He says
    that "it takes the edge off". I know this is a problem, I just can't find any
    materials on this subject or if you can/should have alcohol if you are in end stage renal failure.

    He is also being considered for a transplant. I have heard that once on
    anti-rejection meds that alcohol is NOT allowed.


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    Have been unable to find articles/materials on drinking and dialysis. However, excess fluid gains (no matter the source) make treatment more difficult, and if he is under the influence while on treatment he can experience varied blood pressure and vomiting. The above will create physical discomfort while dialyzing, however may not be great enough for him to stop. Many transplant programs require drug/alcohol screening prior to becoming listed for an organ. It is difficult to understand and watch someone harm themselves, however they will not make the change until they are ready. Would suggest contacting the MD or Social Worker in the unit for additional support/resources for you and your husband.
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      Re: Alcohol and dialysis

      alcohol are very dangerous..first tel ur husband to stop alcohol completely..

      Drug rehab


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        Re: Alcohol and dialysis

        gapeach, The Davita site has an article about drinking and people on dialysis. People are able to drink in moderation if Dr. and renal dietician ok it. Moderation means 1 drink per day for women and 2 for men. They take your meds into consideration as some say no alcohol. Alcohol must be counted towards their normal fluid allowance. The article also has a detailed info. chart on calories, protein, carbs. sodium, potassium and phosphorus of different liqours and mixes.

        It must be stressful to watch and worry about your husband. You did't really say if he has a drinking problem, but if so, this might be a good time for family to try and seek help for him. As Deanna stated, it is his choice. I came from a family of alcoholics and I understand how hard it is. If you ever want to talk, I'm here and you can private message me.

        Take care and the best of luck

        May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

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          Re: Alcohol and dialysis

          Sorry, I am double posting. I just realized gapeach's post is 5 yrs. old. The topic of alcohol and ckd is an important one. I think everyone should read the articles on the Davita site pertaining to the subject.
          May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

          Acute Kidney Function Loss 12/07 - GFR 39
          Current GFR 46 - Stage 3 - Controlled HBP


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            Re: Alcohol and dialysis

            I realize this is old, but I'm responding to the transplant issue.

            Alcohol use and street drugs are discussed pretransplant, but pre and post, I've never been told no alcohol. The stance of my clinic is what Toni said, "moderation" if your liver function is within a normal range.

            Many transplant drugs are metabolized through the liver, so the liver is busy with that extra work. "Can you still drink?" is one of the questions I am asked the most about my transplant!

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