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Problem with twitching

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  • Problem with twitching

    Hi, I am new to the forum, but have been on dialysis for almost 4 years. I have Lupus Nephritis, which is what caused my kidneys to fail. I have a host of other ailments, but the most worrisome one is my Lupus. I absolutely do not care for dialysis. I would rather miss treatments than reasons for doing so is because I always have twitches in my feet after treatment. This drives me insane. My toes move around in directions that are not meant to move in and at continues until the next treatment nonstop. I can even feel my toes moving around in my shoes. I feel like ET or some weird out of space character. I watch my fluid intake very carefully and at times drink a little more than I should just to see if the problem will still bother me. It does. I have asked people at my unit and no one is bothered by this. Is there anyone out there that has this problem. It is nervewracking! I get lectured when I miss treatment and have gone as long as a month without problems. In the end I get sick and am admitted to the hospsital, but these durations of not having treatment means not having this problem. Please offer advice.
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