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  • Catheter

    Did anyone on peritoneal have to go back and have there catheter adjusted to the middle? I had mine on the 27th of Dec and started training 5 days ago yesterday it didn’t fill so they sent me for xrays and showingcatheter is to much to the left over my pelvis? Has anyone had this happen and any info would help very much, thank you

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    I did not experience that issue, however, I had a lot of pain on the opposite side of my pelvis once the cath was placed. I called the surgeon who said that would be normal for my case. After almost a year, it stopped hurting. During that year I did experience initial drain pain - but that's gone now too. I have been taught by my pd nurse to be careful about constipation as it can interfere with the dialysis filling and draining. I hope your doing better now.


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