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What does drain pain feel like?

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  • What does drain pain feel like?

    So I've been on pd dialysis with a cycler for about 3 weeks now and I'm waking up in the middle of the night with sharp, shooting pain. I've noticed that it only seems to happen when I'm in a drain cycle. Has anyone else experienced this with a cycler? How do I get it to stop? It's so bad I usually just curl up in a ball and wait for it to be over. It's really starting to affect my sleep and I'm beginning to dread my nightly treatments. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'm pretty sure it's drain pain but I'm not 100 percent sure. What dose drain pain feel like to other people?

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    I've dealt with it, on and off. Feels like a bad cramp that you would get from swimming too soon after eating. Mine is only on the right side. Lasts about 5 minutes but can really hurt.


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      Been on PD for months now and never had any Drain pain. Could your cath have shifted or been placed wrong? I have never heard anyone mention it at my home dialysis center. I used to get super bad cramps from hemo, because they would take out too much water, but no pain after switching to PD.


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        I just started PD a month ago and I have it bad!. If feels like a very sharp, weird type of cramp in the lower part or center of my stomach, I noticed it hurts worse if I am laying down when it gets to the end of the draining cycle. I usually look at the cycler to see when the dwelling period is going to end, then set my clock for 5 minutes after. I sit up until it starts to Fill and lay back down. My beginning and last drain is still bad, but the ones in between are now manageable.

        Does anyone know if it gets any better?


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          I'm new to PD using Baxter cycler. Had my cath implanted about a month ago.

          Yes, drain pain is there randomly. Feels like sharp cramp, mostly in groin area. Has gotten better over time, but not gone. Not always there.

          Changing positions helps with alleviating or eliminating the pain. It's mostly due to the cath looking for liquid, scar tissue from surgery, fibrin, etc.



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