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Drain Pain

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  • Drain Pain

    I just started PD with a home cycler on 2/1/14. when draining I am having excrusiating pain in my "female parts". I had a CT scan that showed the cath is laying directly on top of my uterus. I saw the surgeon today & he is going to go in again & try to move it...Has anyone else had this issue?

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    EXTREME PAIN in the femaie parts. I was waking everyone up in the house w my screaming. if I could dig out the pain I would. I finally asked the nurse for tramadol but it is not working


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      I need help with paper tape that sticks to the skin and pulls off skin. I tried taking the tape off in the am even though told to keep the tape on for 24 hours. Either way, the tape sticks. I have tried water and Vit E cream.


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        Try a skin sealant in the area you have to apply the tape. Hollister makes one that isn't too expensive.... You can find it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hollister-7917.../dp/B0016LGCXQ
        I have tried several others including some home remedies with little success. You can also switch tapes. But the ones that don't tare your skin are expensive.



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          sjparikin....Thank you. here are a few other solutions from another site. They responsed real fast and have good ideas too.

          1) All the tape bothers me as well. I actually use sports wrap like an Ace bandage. I use a small piece of tape across the butterflies then wrap semi snuggly. It has worked for 8 years for me with no problems. I am very careful not to move my arm much during treatment. Also a tip for pulling of tap is to have the tabs on the "inside" of arm and pull away from you. It is less painful.

          2) To get tape residue off I use coconut oil. Just put it on and start rubbing. I also use a skin prep wipe before I use tape on my skin or I'll have welts by the end of treatment. The no sting barrier film by cavilon works best for me. I have to buy it myself but it's totally worth it to me. I can usually find a good deal on eBay! If not amazon usually has it for 10-12 bucks a box and they come in a box of 25.

          3) They make an orange scent tape removed it comes in little packs like alcohol wipes. Any nurse should know what the name is. I had a friend give me a box after Mikes bypass because we could not get a tape and glue off his skin

          4) I put tabs on mine for that reason. Always hurts when the gauze pulls on the scabs. ouch. ..

          5) We use foam tape the adhesive doesn't grab the skin


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            I am new to PD and I have had extreme pain on every single drain. Feels like something is scratching nails on my lower abdomen in groin and bladder areas. I was told several things like constipation. But I go twice a day. Also positioning of my body. The only position I have not tried is standing on my head. I am about to reside myself to the fact that I may never sleep again. :-(


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              Have you tried closing down the valve on your transfer set?
              Also raising the machine six inches will also cut down on the suction of the machine.
              I am also having extreme drain pain. still trying different things.
              Your PD nurse can possibly change the prescription on your machine.
              I had to temporarily go back manual exchanges for a while,but I am not giving up on the cycler.


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