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Sexual side effects for PD and hemodialysis

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  • Sexual side effects for PD and hemodialysis

    Dialysis can affect a patient’s sex life. The sexual side effects can include loss of desire, erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Loss of desire can be a psychological side effect. Patients on dialysis may deal with anxiety, depression and a change in self-image. These mental challenges can diminish the sex drive.

    Hormone levels while on dialysis can also lead to a loss of desire, as well as physical side effects such as erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Certain blood pressure medications can impair the ability to maintain an erection.

    Patients should talk to their social workers or doctors if they experience any of these symptoms.

    Keep an open communication with the health care team. Let them know about any reactions to treatment so adjustments can be made. Side effects should not discourage a patient from continuing dialysis, especially since many of these side effects can be
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    Sexual side effects for PD and hemodialysis are very severe in cases of men as they are prone to get erectile dysfunction problem, which is causes problems in erection. In these scenario, the only way out is by using generic drugs. Cialis is nowadays highly used generic drug and men tend to buy tadalis, a generic cialis to treat their erection problems.
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        I am not comfortable talking to my Dr. About this. I am a pastors wife. Is any one else feeling like me?


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          I have lost most of my 'desire' for yes, sex no lol. Been on PD for almost 3 months now...second time in 7 yrs. Wish I could help, but I thought maybe it would if you knew it's not abnormal. Picture your doctor as a big smart diary you can tell anything to lol. I'm sure he or she can help you!


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            Some patients and their partners may worry that sexual activity could cause the patient's death or harm the dialysis access or transplanted kidney. No limitations need to be placed on kidney patients sexually. If sexual activity does not place pressure or tension on the access site, it will not cause damage. Fear can cause people to avoid sexual activity needlessly.
            After receiving a transplant, it is important to wait until the scar has begun to heal. Once your doctor says it is all right to resume sexual activity, there is no reason to worry about damaging the transplanted kidney.
            For some couples, sexual intercourse is not possible. Some may feel that sex is not as important as it once was. Activities such as touching, hugging, and kissing provide feelings of warmth and closeness even if intercourse is not involved. Professional sex therapists can recommend alternative methods.

            Click To know more about Best Erectile Dysfunction Medications or to buy Cheap Viagra Pills.

            Note: Dialysis patients shouldn't Buy Viagra Online! Please consult your doctor to discuss further.


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              all of my sexual desire has gone completely since starting hemodialysis, am in a relatively new relationship and it is not helping the relationship- vaginal dryness is an issue but mainly the desire is just not there- i get extremely nauseated afterwards and even kissing can make me feel like i have to vomit- does anyone else experience this in the same way i am?


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                Many people suffering from sexual issues, but it's more important, that’s how to deal with it. Newly-diagnosed sufferers were younger or adult men endured with male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a male sexual issue which means the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Viagra is a brand used by an erectile person to cure impotency of his life. Before consuming Viagra Generic take advice from a doctor. Your doctor must verify if your heart is healthy enough to handle the extra stress of sex. Be sure to tell your doctor if you had any health history.
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                  There is no doubt that Dialysis affects the sexual health, especially for men. As per the recent report, blood dialysis patient mainly experiences sexual issues like lack of desire, impotence or erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. As we all know, these problems are mainly connected with the blood supply into the reproductive organ. It is necessary to consult with the doctor If you experience erection problem because of dialysis. The only treatment option for the erectile dysfunction is Cheap Viagra, well known as Sildenafil citrate. ​


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