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There is hope

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  • There is hope

    Mike bernstein First of all thank you Davita for the opportunity to share this story. Second, if I may borrow a line from a beer commercial as most people reading this, life on dialysis is like living in the pit of misery. I praise God for the technology and the care from the entire staff. Finally and most importantly the good news. Living with any affliction, even multiple afflictions can be extremely challenging; even overwhelming. I’m sure you would agree, afflictions do not make for an abundant lifestyle. However there is reason for hope, no matter what things look like in the natural. The way has been made and the solution given to all of us by what Jesus did over 2000 years ago; Gods word tells us, by His stripes we are healed! Jesus overcame the entire world, including every affliction and disease that the enemy has plagued mankind with. From personal experience, I have been healed of type-1 diabetes 14 years ago. I have also been healed of rheumatoid arthritis, Bell’s palsy, extreme edema, and more to come — as I know it’s only a matter of time and this diagnosed kidney failure will be healed as well. I have had skin grow over an exposed bone on my foot, eliminating the need for amputation — none of the doctors had ever seen this before. I was also raised from the dead, having gone 45 minutes with no pulse or heart beat, with no brain damage yes! Praise God! So the fame of these occurrences and testimonies clearly belongs to Jesus —the source of all miracles! I am a grateful recipient of them all, I take no credit for any of it, it all belongs to Jesus! Like everyone reading this, God has made us all and loves everyone of us, no exception! We are all His creation. All of God’s plans for our lives is to provide us with hope and an abundant future, both in this life and on through eternity. There is so much more to share, but this posting is not the place for a book. Thank you for reading this short posting, I pray that you are all encouraged by this brief testimony. Jesus Loves you! East Valley Davita Patient, Apple Valley, MN
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