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How long can one live on dialysis?

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  • How long can one live on dialysis?

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      Today, 03:05 PM

      I have been on hemo dialysis for 14 years and I still hate it every single time. It is ruining my health by giving me high blood pressure and Afib. My fistula has, thank God, been working all these years but my hand is numb. My back is wrecked from sitting all that time. I have been turned down for transplant at 3 different centers. I wonder how long one can live on dialysis? My doctor said forever s long as I can take it. The only thing left to do is quit and die. I can't see losing my kids and Grandkids and they don't want to lose me so I go.

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    I am on my 36th year of dialysis. I hate it as much as you do. I have been thru 2 years recovering from a car wreck, neuropathy, triple by pass. You have your troubles as I have mine. Enjoy the moments and love of your multi-generation family as I enjoy the Love and 30 years my wife and I are sharing. I know it is hard and painful.
    I hope my thoughts bring you some comfort


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      I've been on dialysis for 24 years (most of those on PD). There is no way to give anyone a set time life expectancy because so many factors will determine that such as other chronic health conditions, your treatment modality, weight, lifestyle, level of activity, family support system, being compliant with health etc...I know attitude can make a HUGE difference for how a person lives with a Chronic Illness. I know when you are chronically ill it's hard not to let it get your down and consume you at times. I think it is very important to "count your blessings" and keep pressing on, and make it your goal to maintain a positive attitude come what may. Live one day at a time and to the fullest. Like Morgan Freeman said in "Shawshank Redemption", " You can get busy living, or get busy dying!"


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        Like the quote. I’m in week 2 of hemodialysis.


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          hi I'm sharon, the first time 4yrs transplant failed and on dialysis since 2011. you just got to keep pushing and make the best of each day


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            Until you die


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              I received my transplant and thought everything would be great, Until the transplant failed after about 10 months. I was so disappointed and depressed. I wanted to keep working but dialysis left me physically drained. I couldn't continue. Another transplant isn't feasible according to my nephrologist. I was so sick after the failed transplant I almost died. God pulled me through the nightmare. I was put on this earth for a reason so I persevere and tolerate it. I enjoy my family and my grand kids so much. It's a choice. I choose life.


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