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Treatment adjustments and patient input

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  • Treatment adjustments and patient input

    I’ll share my experience and observations as plain and blunt as they occurred.
    Have you felt that critical decisions concerning your body and health are continuously taken without your input and consent?
    This is my letter to my Davita center:

    Davita South Beach
    Attn. Head Nephrologist & Clinic Administrator
    Via facsimile

    Dear Head Nephrologist,
    I saw you yesterday for 3 minutes to discuss adjustments to my bP medication as well as coming Today, Feb 20, 2019, for an Ultrafiltration treatment.

    I understood we had agreed to the said UF treatment. I however left without any notification from your facility regarding time today so that I could ahead of time my STS transportation.

    In other words, we agreed I need UF and this was to be done Today, but nothing occurred. Yet I’ll return on Thursday with the same extra fluid and your team’s inclination to aleatorilly increase my dry weight. THIS and the fact that I am unable to have direct access to you whenever I have a Nephrologist related query, say to adjust or have an extra UF or an extra treatment hour during the same day, or 1 hr UF + 2.5 hrs regular hemodialysis, are critical issues I must ask you to kindly assist me with at your soonest convenience.

    2) For your information, I was involved in a strong vehicle accident last Wednesday, for which I was at Mercy hospital during 3 days in recovery, treatment and observation + dialysis. I did in fact faxed the discharge documents for your records as well as those of my Head Nephrologist, Mr. Ali Hassan, Whom was working in synch with Mercy’s ER team upon being notified of ambulance bringing me over directly from the crash site.

    3) Unless otherwise indicated, procedurally I will continue to see my Head Nephrologist on a monthly basis. He does not have, nor need privileges to your facility due to time constraints.

    I really do not know when to expect to see you, for how long on avg. and how often whilst at dialysis.
    Furthermore, I find that you do not know my body and judgment of it for a couple of minutes seldom at times and at chance is not truly conducive to an enhanced treatment engagement & for me to built trust with you.
    Can you understand that ?
    Wouldn’t you agree that above assertion makes sense and brings forth significant value as it relates to my recovery and health overall?
    Diametrically opposed is the assertion and statement I was told in a firm and radical manner which leaves no room for any explanation such as the above, that you are the only Nephrologist allowed to see me if I am in treatment at Davita South Beach.

    I truly look forward to put behind all these cracks and frictions which I believe stem from the above. I desire to maintain Davita South Beach as my hemodialysis center & I tend to iron out with you all these open issues and bridge them as soon as it is possible, for they are creating unnecessary tension with your Head Nurse which are under the impression that I do not value or have any consideration for their procedures and guidelines. There is NOTHING farther from the truth. I however, regrettably do not know what those are, and if they are not considerate of normal life adjustments and circumstances, perhaps there is Federal Law recourse to bring forth.
    Quite frankly I am exhausted of ESRD, of so many other things health related and simply want to have the option to going to a dialysis treatment place that as a 5 star rating one, truly knows how to quickly address and assist in cooperating with me on the points noted above in order to have a good rapport as well as a manageable treatment experience.

    I commend your both for taking your time to read this note & truly I look forward to your comments and observations,

    Very respectfully yours,

    Farid E. Escobar
    305 600 8558
    Skype: farid.escobar
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