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My brother's kidney

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  • My brother's kidney

    I'm going on December 8th to Tampa General Hospital to go for my first analysis of kidney transplant. Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences that might help. My brother offered me her kidney. Thank you for any suggestions or encouragement. Denis

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    That's great your brother is giving you a kidney. My brother did the same but somehow last year I got pneumonia real bad and took it out so back on dialysis . How are things going? Recovery time for you is quick it's a harder recovery for the donor a few weeks out of work. Medications may seem overwhelming at first but they are very manageable. I felt great after and for 10 years until t he pneumonia-takes your immune system so you have to real careful with germs. Surgery was easy. I was up the next day. May I ask what caused your kidney failure? I have lupus and am in Pennsylvania. Keep you in my prayers


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      Thank you for getting back to me. I went to the hospital on December 8th they just got back to me about 2 weeks ago and said they would not be able to do the transplant because I am not heathy enough.thank for your prayers and I'm be praying for you


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        I'm so sorry to hear that-thank you for the prayers and I will keep you in mine


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          Find out what you need to do to get to a point where you can have the transplant. It could just be a temporary setback. Don't give up.


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