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I feel like no one hears me!

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  • I feel like no one hears me!

    I am tired of going to treatment. I was doing home dialysis and my arm gave out. They put another access in my other arm. I have to to to the center to learn how to do a "button hook". The nurse is having a difficult time sticking me. If she can do it, what do they think I'm going to be able to do? FRUSTRATED!!!!

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    Have you thought of seeing if you can do peritoneal dialysis. If you qualify You could do that easily at home I am sure.


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      RBarr, don't give up! There is always a solution. I'm knew to this world but my husband just started PD and while we are not home yet, it may be an option?
      He's at an amazing center and his nurses are phenomenal, maybe you just need a change of scenery if at all possible?


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        I understand your fears and frustration. Ask if there is another nurse who can do button holes. Talk to your Dr. Hang in there, we're all pulling for you


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          Sorry that things are going badly for you. My guess is you can't do HHD for some reason?


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            Tell them to do a Perm cath in your neck/chest, that will give your arm time to heal. Perm caths are good for up to a year. It is essentially 2 tubes run together one goes into your neck and one down towards your heart. Using a perm cath is totally painless, but you run a greater chance of getting an infection. Good luck in the future, hang in there in the mean time.


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