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complaint against united health.....

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  • complaint against united health.....

    why was i turned down for medicare united health supplemental insurance plan,,i thought that one could noot be turned down for existing conditions....any help with this would be appreciated.....thanks...a point....united health is aarps insurance clone....they ar supposed to be the voice of the elderly,,yet they are out there picking our pockets...they dont help any thing......

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    I'm sorry to say I can't help you with why you were turned down for insurance, but I wanted to let you know that I have had my own set of problems with United HealthCare. I went on the computer the other day to their website just to see how much, if any, they would pay for my kidney dialysis when that time comes. I spent two hours looking at every side site and even chatted with a couple of agents, but they kept referring me to another site. I ended up sending them an email--that was 3 days ago and I still haven't heard from them. Nowhere on the site did I find anything about kidney dialysis. If I were you I would call them and ask why you were refused; it's your right to know. Good luck!


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      Hey Yall

      yes uhh sucks I'm having problems with them regarding medicare and primary v secondary

      First i don't know what you're existing condition is but i have lupus and a while back i received a letter from blue cross stating i could never be turned down for my existing condition Lupus caused me to go into renal failure and davita automatically had me enrolled in medicare and i had to wait until it was approved you shouldn't be denied especially with Kidney disease thats like an automatic disability

      so until i received medicare somehow uhc was paying and continued to be my primary until my medicare passed a period of time and they eventually became primary
      so do not fear once on dialysis and i pray you never have to be uhh and medicare will take care of your bills




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        I have United Health Care and believe me they are sooo much better than Aetna. Aetna caused me so many problems including why they sent my insulin to my old address even AFTER I had told them I sold my house and gave them my new address. They lied about why I never got it. I had to use them because that was what the company my husband worked for required when he retired. We were all locked in. Finally the company let everyone choose which health insurance we wanted. I immediately chose UHC. They have been wonderful to me and I have always let them know how much I appreciate them. Yesterday I did get a call from them making sure they were the only health insurance I had. I have their Advantage Medicare PPO plan. I've been sick a lot this year. I spent 5 days in hospital with double pneumonia and had 3 heart attacks in that 5 days. Afterwards I had to spend 20 days in a re-hab hospital for OT and PT. In hospital I was told they found a cyst in the middle of my right kidney but I wasn't told I had CKD stage 3. I found that out by reading the synopsis of my last vist with my PCP. Now besides my Cardio doctor and PCP I have had to add a whole chain of them.
        Thankfully my Medicare is paid for from my husbands' retirement check so I don't have to worry about keeping up with it. I'm a widow and don't know what I'd do if I didn't have UHC. The other choices out there just aren't great.
        Thank you for reading..


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          Thank you all for your comments about UHC. Up until now I would have said they were the greatest insurance company ever. Five years ago when I had cancer I was in and out of the ICU I don't know how many times, I actually died a couple of times, had several blood transfusions and just plain had about every treatment one could have for one cancer surgery. As a result of that cancer I lost my voice, but at least 5 years later I can say I am cancer free! My purpose in telling that part of my story is that never once in all the months I was in the hospital (or out) did I see a bill from anyone! That bill had to have been in the millions of dollars. As frustrated as I am about not being able to get an answer from them about kidney dialysis, I did happen to remember a booklet I got from them years ago that I still had. I looked up dialysis and sure enough--they will pay. I hope that by this time frankibuffalo, you have made a phone call and found out why they are denying you. I hope all turns out well for you.


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            i have medicare , & part d, i am wondering whatto do, if ihave to pay out of pocket, cause my pocket is empty. I am stage 4,


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              My husband is the dialysis patient, but I like reading through the forums. We just had the same experience with UHC denying him the Medicare supplemental plan. A couple of questions for you, Frankibuffalo: Are you under 65? Are you in California? My husband qualified for Medicare last January based solely on having ESRD, since he was just 60. At the time, we had a UHC Cobra plan through my previous employer. It took months to get the "primary vs. secondary" coverage straightened out. UHC was saying that because we had a Cobra plan, Medicare should be primary. Medicare said no, because of my husband's status, Medicare is required to be secondary for the first 30 months. Neither plan was paying any claims! It was such a nightmare. We finally got all the right proof of coverage paperwork, which proved that UHC should be his primary coverage until Medicare takes over.

              Now, regarding signing him up for the supplemental Medicare plan this year, which is the UHC Secure Horizons plan through AARP - the online Medicare enrollment site told us that was an applicable plan for an ESRD patient in California. An enrollment rep took all the info over the phone and said it just needed to go to Medicare for final approval. But then our application was denied by UHC because we were told the plan did not cover people under age 65 regardless of the dialysis situation. We complained that the first rep told us he was approved. They should know their products completely! We finally got connected to an agent who researched it and learned that because my husband had a current UHC insurance plan, he would be "grandfathered" and approved for the Medicare supplement plan. This agent assured us all was well. (Just FYI, though, here it is January 3 and the new plan does not appear online yet.)

              I hope this helps explain things to you. If you have any questions for us, please ask! Jillian


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                +Best thing I ever did was sign up with AARP for their Supplemental Plan F. It is through UHC. I have had many procedures, many operations, and have been on dialysis 5 years. They have dovered it all. Wish it covered the drugs, which causes me a lot of angst when I am in the donut. But UHC has been there for me.


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                  Yes, those type F medigap policies are great, well worth the ~$320/month they cost.


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