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Feel like Im nothing

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  • Feel like Im nothing

    I get dialysis through cvc My pd immediately got infected. my fistula infiltrated after 3 uses. I had to retire. I can't even maintain my home. My illness list is 1 page long. Im always in bad pain. I live alone.

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    sorry to hear your frustration, im 2 wks post op PD cath and there was no communication with the hospital to the doctors so i had no idea my cath had to be flushed im new to all of this, so i went today to finally get my line flushed and to find out i alrdy have an infection, im beyond frustrated at this point and upset that there was no communication, i also feel like im nothing after finding out i had stage 5 kidney disease i felt like life was over but im gonna keep a positive attitude and try to try it out, im praying for the best and i pray things get better for you, always think positive, your more than welcome to talk to me if you ever need to


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      Once again. stunned that Davita would "provide" a FORUM with NO monitoring done by doctors or their so called "nutritionists". Each of you deserved some sort of a response as these questions and concerns should be responded to in a way that let's you now that someone who is truly knowledgeable is out there paying attention. It defiles medical protocols to not have someone who knows about the medical part of these concerns be able to answer them. And, for all else another professional to encourage and direct for non-medical....


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        Forum: a place for open discussion. That's what this is, a forum, patients and their loved ones discussing CKD.


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          Dear Darlene,

          For me, I had to learn how to develop a network of friends for the many coexisting health problems I face. I also had to learn how to be an advocate for myself. I have bought books, I have reserved books from my library, I found a Peer Counselor who would schedule my rides. When faced with many of the issues you are facing, I sought out other health professionals to contact my dialysis center. Hang in there and ask for help. Don't take no for an answer.

          - Steve


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            @ Darlene:

            I'm certain everyone who has read your post sympathizes on some level. I would venture to guess a significant number of forum members are probably in the same boat as you. I've been fighting depression much longer than I've been coping with kidney disease and dialysis. I hope I'm not being to forward, but I think you are depressed and you should make it clear to whichever doctor you trust the most that you have these feelings of worthlessness. That's the type of pain which will undoubtedly compound your other health issues.


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