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After dialysis I feel......

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    I started Dialysis in Dec 2016, and I have been pretty miserable since then. I am tired ,exhausted and completely wiped out for two days. By the third day when I am recovered physically it is time for the next session. It is not working for me. Also it has put my sleeping cycle out of balance. BY the third day i have sleepless nights. Oghh


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      Are you eating enough protein? Are they taking off too much water?


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        I have been on for 4 1/2 years. The first 2 years I drove my self both ways. I got weaker so my husband drives me now. What is happening now is my legs are so weak I need a wheel chair to get to and from the car. Today using the walker my legs just gave out and I don't want to be wheelchair bound even at home. Often the blood pressure drops and they have to take me off the machine, but most days they get enough kilo s off.


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