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cramping and headaches

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  • cramping and headaches

    tried some Tylenol once and that seemed to help, I am new to all of this so it should get better they say, but just wondering if anyone else had this problem and found out maybe how to beet the feeling.

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    Cramping, and to some extent headaches, are indicative of having too much fluid removed


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      When this happens during dialysis, notify the nurse, and an adjustment (saline solution) can be made to ease the pain. If it happens after you return home and between dialysis sessions, bring that to the attention of the nurse when you return for your next session. Changes in your dry weight may be indicated, and you may be scheduled for chest X-rays to help guide the decision to change the dry weight they work toward in dialysis. I get the headaches when my blood pressure is too low, and that is another indicator to bring to the nurses attention. Verified with a blood pressure check, you get the same response as with the cramping. The main thing is to be aware of your body during dialysis, and bring these uncomfortable changes to the nurse's attention when they begin.


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        i found the solution at my center , The technician rinses the tubes by pushing thru a couple bags of the fluid before I get there, basically cleaning the tubes. And my headaches have gone now. I was literally in a migraine attack as soon as I was getting plugged in. But the rinsing seems to work for me.


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          I am also in heart and they are trying to get my dry weight way down. I spend the last hour of dialysis fighting leg and foot cramps. ANY HELP ANY ONE HAS I'll try it


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            Ice you foot and sprite/a sugar drink no phosphate.


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              At the first sign of cramping my tech will slow down the machine, also taking a sip or two of water magically helps.


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