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Dialysis for someone's uninsured father in Honduras - how should I advise

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  • Dialysis for someone's uninsured father in Honduras - how should I advise

    I have a part time housekeeper who comes to help once a month. Recently I came to know a littel about her financial condition and am thinking a lot how to advise her. She is in her mid/late twenties and has two small children. If she makes $300 a week she is lucky. Her husband works (outside labor) whose job stops whenever it rains.

    She mentioned that for the past couple of months, between her and her husband, they have been sending $200 per week to her father who was recommended dialysis in Honduras, where he lives. She told me that last week, she pawned her little jewelry to get $50 loan to make up the shortfall as she did not have the entire $200 for that week.

    I look at her two kids and wonder what she should do. Given her lack of education and other skills, I doubt she can ever make enough to have $200 to spare each week and take care of her own kids and herself. She is, as understandable, very emotional about her dad. Her other sibling is a 13 year old brother, so she has no other help.

    I feel I should give her some advice, but really do not know how to, or what would be the right advice. For the moment, I do nothing, which is the easiest thing to do.

    What will you tell her/me?
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    Do they have any help in Honduras? Not necessary Medicare but some hospitals etc. do help people here?
    Is her income low enough to be on food stamps and then feel better about helping her father? Is she connected with
    a church or organization close to you where she could get food in a pantry? One church around us has an open pantry
    once a month on Tuesday. Another has one on Mondays and also has clothing for free once a month. Other than that, maybe some
    one else has other ideas. I don't know much about Honduras but I know how expensive dialysis is here in the states and I would not
    be able to afford it if I didn't have good insurance from where I worked as a teacher(where I paid for while working) and now Medicare.
    I saw my last bill and thought if I was younger, I would not be able to afford the treatments.


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      I hate to play 'devil's advocate' here, but this sounds like a typical setup for a con. Whether it is or is not, never, EVER give money blindly. In fact, you might want to write the state department on finding out was to verify this claim.


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        I also agree with Dac0214. Some people play on your sympathy and con others. Check everything out and ask questions.


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