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Any insurance options for intl travel?

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  • Any insurance options for intl travel?

    Hi all. I’ve been on dialysis for only two months now and am tolerating it well. But the big adjustment will be in the summer when we usually travel to Germany for two months.
    I live in the US, have German citizenship (but not in their healthcare system).

    My insurance does not cover intl dialysis - do any of you know of a travel insurance that covers dialysis?

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    Yes, it's called "cash". Expect to pay about $1000 a treatment.


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      We have a friend on daily home dialysis who travels quite often, including international cruises; his insurance will pay for a “ portable” dialysis unit like the one he uses at home...his supplier delivered the equipment to the cruise ship for his use for the 14 days of the trip....perhaps your insurance would consider letting you use/ take a portable unit??


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