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  • Looking for Part Time Work

    I have stage 4 CKD (GFR 20) and am experiencing major fatigue. It's affecting my ability to work a full day. I have been looking, and looking for part-time employment with no luck as I have limitations to the amount of time and amount of energy I have in a day to work. I am not on dialysis yet and a transplant may be years away.

    I am currently an independent contractor in sales (not paying SDI) and I no longer want to do sales. I would love to find a part-time M-F job in an office. I am getting very concerned that I'm going to end up with no job and not able to contribute financially to my family. I've read a lot about not telling your potential employer about the disease and that's a concern for me too as well.

    Has anyone else dealt with this? Does anyone have ideas for where to focus my job search?

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    What about trying to be a /secretary at one of the divita centers


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      Do an Internet search for work at home or telecommuting jobs. There are legitimate companies who use work from home employees. Good luck!


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        Check for the best options on the internet.


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          I have been checking the net and have had no luck just keep searching


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            I am in Aberdeen md. and retired from trucking .been on dialysis 2 years 8 months would like to find light janitorial p/t work for m/w/f these are the days I don't have treatment.


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