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Turning 65 soon . . . copay cards

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  • Turning 65 soon . . . copay cards

    The local DaVita insurance expert won't return my phone calls or reply to my emails, so I sent a letter to corporate asking this question. They haven't answered me either. Seriously poor customer service! So maybe someone here can help me out.

    I'll be turning 65 in a few months, which means I'll be losing my private prescription drug insurance an'd .getting moved into a Medicare Part D plan. Trouble is, you can't use those manufacturer's copay cards if you're on a Medicare drug plan.

    The cash price for Fosrenol is horribly expensive. That copay card has saved me thousands of dollars per year, and now, thanks to our government, I won't be able to use it anymore. Does anybody have a solution for this problem? I'm not the first DaVita patient to turn 65.

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    Hi abell12, thank you for reaching out here. Can you please send me a direct message with your preferable contact information? We will forward it along for someone to reach out directly to you.

    Thank you, have a great weekend!


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