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What do you tell your employer?

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  • What do you tell your employer?

    I am 53, I have worked for the same company/person for 16 years as of October 4th. My employer is the one who pushed me into seeing my cardiologist 5 years ago. That led to mitral valve surgery. In 2014 when the business was having some troubles, she said in a meeting with me 'she is not there to be anyone's friend'. Since then I have worried everytime I needed to call in sick. My kidneys failed immediately after the heart surgery but I did get a bit better to keep me off of dialysis until this month. My function is down to 13% and my nephrologist is very worried. Because I have had problems with my blood pressure plummeting, and I have blood clotting problem, I'm not a candidate for PD and he has me seeing a surgeon for an AV graft on the 22nd. I don't know what and how much I should tell my boss, that they are worried about my just making it through the graft procedure, and then if that does go okay, my dialysis will be in the hospital and probably in the ICU so if my pressure doesn't bounce right back they can do something immediately.
    Do I tell her how serious it is?
    Or do I just say I will need off a few days for the graft and go from there?
    I am so confused over all of this and so much more.

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    Kerpptd........... your function is 13%. Your nephrologist is very worried. That in itself should tell you something. When you start dialysis your going to have to tell your boss everything. Yes tell her how serious but if I were you I would document everything. Your main concern should be you right now. Your health and getting all the procedures your going to need until dialysis. Best of luck


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      I would definitely tell your employer what is going on because there might be other times you need to be off for related issues and the more they know of what is going on, the easier it may be on them as well as you (your boss may have said she's not there to be anyone's friend, but could be more understanding than what you may think). Also, I would check into FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) as it is something that helps protect your job should you need to be off for medical related items. Do be sure to keep records or get notes from your doctor. I have used FMLA a lot the last 3 yrs. that I've been on dialysis and thankfully I have an employer that has been very understanding with all my appointment and surgeries with grafts, de-clottings, etc. If you have an HR department, your HR person should be able to help you a lot with FMLA and what you need to do to protect yourself. Hope this helps!


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        yes, you need to advise your employer. I have worked for the same company for 10 years, kidneys have been affected since 2007, this year had to go on hemodialysis m=w=f I have fmla and use it to cover my dialysis. you have rights and fmla is thee for people like us to use, use it. Hope this helps, good luck.


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          Yes. My GFR is 13, and my manager knew the basics of my PKD before, so I told him in March I was going for evaluation. I used vacation for the testing but My manager knows as much as I share. He knows I am now active for transplant. You can disclose your disability without fear of retaliation and FMLA applies to you, but check with HR services to see if it runs concurrent with disability you may also have, or not. There are lots of protections for you. Good luck and good health


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            Today while getting my dialysis I get an email from the owner of a company I have worked for 16 years. My pay is being cut by a 1/3 and hours by 8 hours a week.
            She has known about my kidney disease since day 1 5 years ago. I told her that I was needing to be out in October for an AV graft. Well I didn't do well afterwards and was in the hospital for 2+ weeks. Then a few weeks later I got double pneumonia and was in for another 2 weeks. Then the day after Thanksgiving the AV graft died and I went through 3 surgeries in one day and then another one a week later.
            I told her to expect a bit of time before I could return to work. She's like I'm young everything will go well. But it didn't.
            Anyways, are there any legal ramifications for them getting me to quit which is their standard way of getting rid of problem employees
            Any replies appreciated
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              I am very fortunate that I work for a company & group of folks that look out for one another. Having said that as a few of the folks above have stated FMLA protects all of us from repercussions from being in our situation. Have your Nephrologist's office fill out the FMLA paperwork. Better yet the Dialysis Center you will be going to should have a patient advocate or a social worker that can fill out the form & get your Nephrologist to sign the form. Use that resource. That is why they are there?


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