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Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

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  • Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

    Does anyone else experience bouts of anger, frustration, and irritability outta the blue? It's driving me nuts!! I could be feeling a little frustrated or something and as Im sitting doing nothing I get angry or more frustrated and irritable!! It's just driving me batty!!! And of course this post comes about because I am having one of those nights tonight!! I feel like Im going crazy!!

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    Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

    Uremia of kidney disease can cause mental issues for some people. You might be one of them. Don't suffer in silence. Talk to your dr. about it. There may be some medications that can help you.
    To the stars through difficulty!


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      Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

      This might explain MM's behavior. Out of the blue he is an angry lunatic sometimes. It makes him hateful. I figured it was medication or something like this because the last 20 yrs have not shown this attitude.


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        Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

        Have no idea what it is, but I have it most all the time. Things just drive me crazy in a heart beat. No real big deal, just irritants that all of a sudden are matters of life or death, enormous situations. Have meds, may make them less frequent, but does not actually help. Been to a therapist, should have gone to the beer hall and talked to the bartender.
        I don't know how you control them. They just come in a heartbeat and then you have to control them.
        All I can say is talk to your Doc and maybe he/she can help.
        May God have mercy on us all


        Idiopathic globular membranous nephritis 1999-2006
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        Chest Cath 4 mos in center hemo dialysis
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        Graft nocturnal hemo 4Q09 to present


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          Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

          I truly understand where your coming from, I had a weekend like that but mine also comes with a terrible headache. I am on Wellbutrin, but it doesn't always help. I think some of the cause is so much stress, eat that......don't eat that........drink plenty of this...
          don't drink that.......and oh yea, the meds......hate them hate them hate them......i can't imagine what it would be like if i'm fortunate enough to ever receive a transplant.

          i do hope you get to feeling better and you can yell at me anytime because i always need a shoulder.........

          i'm blessed


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            Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

            i'mblessed.......I know what you mean!! The eating is killin me!! I never seem to get full and it's frustrating to sit there and fight with myself when I kow I should stop eating!!! I also am on Wellbutrin....have been for years, but you're right it dosen't seem to help much! This is all so new to me that I am hoping it gets easier but I don't know it sure dosen't seem like it!! My biggest thing is that I don't want to gain a ton of weight, Im getting married in September and I don't want to look like a balloon!!! My son has been great though....he's been making me go for walks with him and encourages me! Pretty cool for a 13 year old!! Good luck to you!!!


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              Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

              I am fairly new to ESRF. Been on dialysis for just over one year. Was on PD for a short while but developed peritonitis twice and almost died. Had a carheter put in my chest and did HD for several months. HD made me so extremely weak that I had to be wheeled to my car after a treatment and spent the next 4-8 hours in bed resting/sleeping. I am back on PD again and all is going well. I suffer the same as you and I feel that it is the grieving/ anger process. Hoping that it will all go away once I can totally accept what I have allowed my body to do to me.
              Hope all gets better for you and if you ever just need someone to talk to,I'm here and will keep you in my prayers!


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                Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

                well, I"m so happy to have read this thread. I was beginning to think I was going crazy, with the emotional ups and downs. it could be from the BP dropping I take 1/4 a tablet of lisinopril when I have a high (anything above 130/90) reading. and it's exactly like one of the posts, something little becomes a life or death issue , then later when I think about it, what was that all about? whew! glad to know I'm not the only one. lol
                CAPD (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis)
                since 7/13/07 with 4 exchanges a day
                kidney function improved after 2 years
                presently at 2 exchanges a day :-)
                diabetic, not on insulin


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                  Re: Angry, Frustrated, Irritable.....outta the BLUE!!

                  Welcome Walk!

                  Walk- So glad you are finally on PD again. I am on PD, and my biggest fear is having to go through what you did. I hope that you continue to do well on PD and remain free from problems and that nasty peritonitis.

                  Patty- I think that sometimes doctors are so focused on their main objective of keeping us physically well that they often neglect to assess our emotional and psychological health.

                  You are right, emotional ups and downs can have so many different causes. I think it can make it even more difficult to experience this when we don't have a concrete "reason" for it. My husband sometimes refers to it as my "bi*@h switch." I find this absolutely hilarious, and when he refers to that it often breaks the spell (so to speak) and I can snap out of it and laugh....
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                  PD March 2009-present
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