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Frustrated with Erectile Dysfunction...Anyone else?

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  • Frustrated with Erectile Dysfunction...Anyone else?

    Okay, so my husband has been doing hemodialysis for a little less than 3 years now. When he first started dialysis at age 29, we had one time shortly after where we experienced a problem with ED. Since then, up until about 6 months ago, it has not ever been an issue. Nothing has really changed, numbers are the same, but we have not been able to be intimate at all. He is VERY frustrated and to be honest, so am I. Obviously we both have read the articles and linked ESRD and erectile dysfunction together, but it doesn't help when you simply can't perform. He has not lost his "urge" or libido or whatever you want to call it...He wants it more than enough! (Sorry for the TMI!) So, my questions are:

    Is there anything he can consider taking for this problem over the counter safely that anyone has had any luck with?

    If you were prescribed anything for this issue, how did you afford it?! I'm looking at his Medicare Part D coverage and Viagra will cost about $250 a month (and the other meds for this condition are similarly priced). There is no way we can afford this...We are a family of 5 (three kiddos) that are learning to live on disability while I go back to school. I have noticed that we can "appeal" the decision to get it covered, so has anyone had success with that? I would like to believe that it would go hand in hand since it is a medical treatment that is obviously causing the problem, but I know from experience with some of his other meds, it can be a challenge.

    Just would like some feedback. We have gone through a lot of challenges over the last few years in our marriage and this is really starting to affect our life together. We both are very young still (he is 32 and I'm 29), so it is very frustrating, even though I imagine it would be frustrating at ANY age!

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    Re: Frustrated with Erectile Dysfunction...Anyone else?

    Good luck. You are so young. I can tell you that viagra didn't work for us--"hard" on outside, mushy inside. Oh boy, I can see this message being removed!!! I would love to hear from the wife of an ESRD nephrologist that it worked successfully!


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      Re: Frustrated with Erectile Dysfunction...Anyone else?

      Have you discussed this with his nephrologist? Some drug companies offer assistance when people have trouble affording medications. I hope you can get this resolved. As you are well aware, sexual intimacy is so important to keep people feeling close.


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        why to be frustrated when there's such a great med as viagra


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          You should certainly visit with his doctors and see what they recommend. Have you looked into an ED Pump? Perhaps you two could try some nice romantic (adult) movies, books, etc for mood enhancement.

          Maybe even explore some things you haven't tried previously, which of course, you should use your imagination here!! You may find if you and your husband experiment, you may find some solutions to the problem that won't require any medication.
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            $250 a month for Viagra is using it every night. Have the dr write you script for 8 pills a month.....I only need 4


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              ED can be sometimes be caused by medications and or stress. He needs to ask his doctor about his meds. Also he could just be stressed. Stress plays a big part in ED. Being on dialysis in itself is a big stress. Good Luck and hope things turn around soon.


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                I am 52 years old and have been on Hemo for 5yrs. now. I too have problems with ED. I've tried Viagra and Cialis without success. Sometimes ED can be caused by some Anti-depressants and B/P meds. Also, it can be from low Testosterone. Ask his doctor what can be done about the problem.


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