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Changing from salt to no salt

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  • Changing from salt to no salt

    Im having a hard time changing from salt to none salt is their anyone who still have a hard time with change

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    Cutting back on salt has been one of the easier changes for me but the hardest to tackle when I'm not eating at home. My doctor has said it's better to make food without salt and then sprinkle a tiny bit on the top. That way you still taste some salt but are not eating much. I also do my research when we go out to eat and look up the nutrition statistics when I dine out at any chain restaurant. That way I can choose my entire meal ahead of time and keep within my limits. But local restaurants are more difficult though they are more likely to cook to order.

    I think the real key to control your diet is to cook from fresh as much as possible and watch your test results. Each one of us is different and there is no one answer. My salt, protein, sugar and almost everything is fine but my potassium was out of control so I have to take meds for it and not eat foods high in potassium. But as careful as I tried to be, when I went back to work after my kidney surgery, my kidney function dropped quite a bit and no change in routine or diet has made it better again. And I have a desk job. So diet alone doesn't help everyone.

    Good luck It's not easy.


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