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Traveling as a PD patient- stories anyone?

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  • Traveling as a PD patient- stories anyone?

    In a little over two weeks I will be taking a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas on Norwegian Cruise lines.This is my first cruise vacation since I became an PD patient. So far Norwegian has been very accommodating and helpful with any questions I have had but I was wondering if anyone out there has any travel stories they would like to share- good or bad?

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    when ordering supplies always order more than needed cause you can find out at the last minute that they're damaged


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      In February My wife and I will be taking a 2week cruise to Hawaii on Princess. This will be our first cruise out since i started as a PD patient a year ago. I will be ordering my supplies to use with my cycles from Baxter on 27 Dec. would appreciate any comments, negative or positive, concerning this 2week cruise. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas to all of you.


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        Previous questions are old but we have taken two trips to hotels, one in Hawaii and one to Key West. In both cases, Baxter delivered the supplies and the hotels were great in accommodating receipt of the supplies. We flew in American to Hawaii and delta to Key West. We called both airlines ahead of time to advise were traveling with a cycler. We also arrived at the departure gate a good 45 minutes early and advised the gate agent that we were traveling with a sensitive piece of medical equipment that needed to go in the cabin with us. Both airlines graciously accommodated us. Some of the gate agents wrung their hands and deferred to the flight attendants for a decision but in the end all accommodated. Be patient and nice and they seem to come thru. TSA thru security was not a problem. Only one agent asked what was in the case. For supplies we called Baxter early to place our order and notified the hotel we were shipping medical supplies. I also called the hotel on the Baxter delivery date to ensure supplies were there. We had no problems! Yeah!


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