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I will remember you, Cicero

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  • I will remember you, Cicero

    Dear Cicero,

    Although we never met, I admire you. I often worried about you, though I never knew you. I read each of your posts and aspired to be as wonderfully optimistic as you. Your spirit and bravery in facing this disease are an example for all who follow after you. I will never forget you, Cicero.

    Rest in peace, dear friend. You will be missed.
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    Re: I will remember you, Cicero


    You will definitely be missed by many!!!

    You're now in a much better place. A place where pain and disease do not exist.

    God Bless and comfort your family!!!
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      Re: I will remember you, Cicero


      You truly engaged me with your strength and courage. Although I knew you through this forum alone, your resolve and steadfastness was second to none. You always knew what to say even in the worst of circumstances.

      You won the medal of honor in life with your work with others and now you can celebrate your peace with the Father.

      We will definitely miss you as all will attest...........................
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        Re: I will remember you, Cicero

        Weep not, weep not, he is not dead
        He's just resting in the bosom of JESUS.

        Circero I am going to miss you so much. But I will see you one day again.

        May God continue to keep you in his loving arms while you watch over us from on high with the angels.


        Diagnosis with Stage 4, GFR 16%
        Non diabete, normal BP
        November 2007

        Today and tomorrow I am blessed by
        God and His Angels


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          Re: I will remember you, Cicero

          I was saddened to read here that Cicero has passed away. I didn't know but always read his posts and thought he always had good positive advice to share. When did he pass away, does anyone know more?


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            Re: I will remember you, Cicero

            I dont get on very often anymore but I am very saddened to hear this news he helped me personally and I know soooo many others I only new him through this forum but I will never forget him!!! Cicero we love you always!!!
            ckd,stage3,due to birth defect/refulx,controlled b/p


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              Re: I will remember you, Cicero

              Id like to know when he died does anyone know?
              ckd,stage3,due to birth defect/refulx,controlled b/p


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                Re: I will remember you, Cicero

                Cicero was a one of a type for sure, and I will miss him. His passion to help others and share his own journey was greatly beneficial to others. He touched my life in many ways. I loved his sense of humor and his ability to be direct. He called it the way it was.

                My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, daughter and all who loved him. Rest In Peace dear man. You will always be in our hearts.
                May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

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