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Steak and Eggs

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  • Steak and Eggs

    I’m stage 4 and and just now trying to eat better and getting very confused about so many things, An egg seems to be OK to eat but never a STEAK, why? i need protein.

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    you can have a steak. meat portion is the size of a deck of cards. well, unlessyou have something like Lupus or RA that might worsen.


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      From what I know, which is very limited, as IMAMA23 stated, you can eat steaks, just smaller amounts (4 ounces and not the 9 or higher). In my research (I am also stage 4 and "just" started eating correctly in January), we do need the protein, but since our Kidney's are at a certain stage, they can't process the protein like they used to. good luck.


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        Also, I do not know if you've been told by your doctor or not. But, in my case, I have also cut out a lot of dairies. I still have the occasional (and occasional is no more than once a month) slice or two of pizza. But a lot has been cut out to keep phosphorus down. I am sure others may have told you, if not, MyFitnessPal.Com is a web-site and an smart phone App, that'll help count calories for you. it's ok, it DOES NOT count phosphorus (which is why for my it was easier to not eat things like milk, chesses and potatoes), but it does count the sodium and a lot of what we need to track.


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          my gfr dropped 13pts, now at 29. Not sure difference of protein level in plant based diet or regular animal food diet. I stopped dairy except for 1/2/1/2 in coffee. Limit animal protein to twice a day, palm size portion chicken, turkey only, and fish...I do eat 1 egg a day....other than that it's fruits and veggies. I've got reg blood pressure, and currently drink 30oz water, 10oz cranberry juice and 8 oz of almond milk. 6 months ago I found out about gfr level and started on above food diet...still trying to do the exercise...sigh...after 3 months my creatinine level went from 2.1 to 1.8...So Hoping to go back to level 3, plus have lost nearly 10lbs.


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