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Sodium Vs Potassium

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  • Sodium Vs Potassium

    I have Stage 3 CKD and I'm confused about bread. I have been eating Ezekiel Low-Sodium bread, which is a sprouted whole grain bread. The sodium content is, of course, zero, and the potassium is 150mg. Because of all I've heard about how white bread is better for CKD, I checked out some brands. What I came up with is that white bread is 210mg of sodium, but only 70mg of potassium. It seems like six of one, half a dozen of the other. I'm wondering which is more important, sodium or potassium. If they're the same, then I could really continue with the Ezekiel bread, which I would prefer. Any thoughts?

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    Who knows?????


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      Change to bfrank875


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        I wonder that same thing. Every time one thing is low or just right, another one is too high.


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          Soofeenee, are you a heart patient or do you have high blood pressure? Are you on dialysis or are you diabetic? Is CKD the only ailment you have? You don't say anything about your medical condition. Since I know nothing about you all I can say is eat what you want as long as you stay within your intake limits your Nephrologists gave you.


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            I am in stage 5 and on dialysis. Both sodium and potassium are bad for dialysis patient's. As a general rule, white bread is better than wheat (wheat is high in phosphorus) Too much sodium causes high blood pressure and to drink too much, causing fluid overload. Too much potassium is bad for your heart.

            These articles might help:
            For sodium:

            For potassium:


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              I was told that white bread is better because it's easier on the kidneys digest. Whole grains is harder on the kidneys. Who knows.


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                Why is there not one of the nutritionists on these threads... The ones that you sign up for an on line class.. and then, never show up to open the class? Sure they have plenty of time.

                Frustration aside..

                Truly, why does Davita NOT provide a nutritionist (not a social worker) to address these questions. All of them are important and not one thing on the internet, or at any doctors office nor on the Kidney Foundation site really explains specifically. One will say "Yes" to "White Bread" while another says, no bread. I have reached Stage 4 WITH medications!!! I was at a low Stage 2 for years w/o meds and as soon as I began taking my bp med and my numbers began to rise.... Someone explain that to me... I want to know what Davita's bottom line is... If its to help their patients, where the heck is that help????


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