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  • Espresso Drinks

    I would like info on whether I can resume drinking my daily espresso coffee being CKD2. It is not tempered with water nor milk, just straight multiple shots of espresso. Other than higher amount of caffeine I see nothing different than regular coffee except I dislike the taste of regular coffee. Does anyone know about this? Thanks JC

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    Usually there is no restriction on coffee, including espresso, in stage 2 CKD. It does become a concern if potassium levels rise above normal because 8 fluid ounces of espresso has 270 mg potassium. Even then, one could decrease to a 4 ounce portion and still include one serving.


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      So there you have your answer JCrosbie. That was sure fast. Thank you for that RDSara!


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        Thanks to RDSara....My personal espresso cup holds 4.5oz and at Starbucks their espresso pulls for 4 shots is @ the 4oz mark on my cup. Looks as if I must cut back from 2 quad espressos to one. My Potassium level is at 4,2 so could fudge, but I'll stay on safe side so I can enjoy the treat of a good coffee, Thanks again


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