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Sodium and Stage 3 CKD question

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  • Sodium and Stage 3 CKD question

    If your blood pressure is under control (100 to 120), is there still a reason to watch sodium intake? Thanks.

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    In general, with the SAD..poor AMerican diet, you need to know how much you are getting in your foods…if you eat only home cooked meals with few packaged anything or sodas, then you may be in a normal range.

    numbers like <2500 mg are given to limit and diet sodas and others have 3 kinds of 'sodiums' to keep you thirty and drinking plain water with lemon, berry tea, green tea is better..the closer to nature you eat, the better…but with 10,000+ products with aspartame, soy, fillers and sugars it is almost HOPELESS to buy grocery foods.

    2500 is 1 tsp of table salt..most websites will advise this as the max. for CKD 1-3

    the more you drink water you may lower the amour in the sodium test always comes up low…I do use and add himalayan salt to my cooked foods, HBEggs, etc.


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