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CKD vs Diabetic Diet

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  • CKD vs Diabetic Diet

    Everyone in my family has diabetes. I don't. I do have CKD and want to prevent diabetes. Should I be following the diabetes and kidney diet?

    Following your kidney diet is the most important since it is often the most complicated. To prevent diabetes weight control and healthy diet choices can be preventative. Choosing kidney friendly fruits and vegetables are good lower calorie options. High protein and high fiber foods help you feel full longer. It is also a good idea to get regular physical activity to help maintain normal blood sugars and weight maintenance.

    Posted by Anna Evans DaVita Dietitian, Las Vegas NV

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    I have both Stage 4 CKD and Type 2 Diabetes. Which diet should I follow?


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      I would suggest seeing a dietitian to help select the diet that fits your labs and nutrition needs. Stage 4 diets can vary greatly based on labs and kidney function. Often the CKD diet is more restricted and should be followed.


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        I am both and have been told my my physician and the nutritionist to stick more closely to the CKD diet and it will also help the Diabetic. I do have a question and feel dumb asking, but we are not supposed to have wheat is that correct? can we have gluten free foods?
        Thank you


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          Gluten has nothing to do with carbohydrates, in fact, gluten is a wheat (plant) protein. Unless you have Celiac's disease, there is no REAL reason to limit gluten intake, except that maybe, if you are pre-dialysis and limiting proteins, you might find gluten-free foods to be a bit lower in protein (although, often higher in things like potassium and phosphorus). I know that, before I started dialysis, I was limiting my protein intake considerably, and if it weren't for the carbohydrates I ate in fairly large quantities, I wouldn't have had any energy. I certainly wouldn't have been able to do that if I were also diabetic.
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            Thank you all for your input and help!!!


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              I'm not the best expert on renal and diabetic diets, but I've been working on it pretty hard since my CKD diagnosis last August. And I've had diabetes since 1996. The best advice on diabetes diet I've ever had was from a doctor, who said just not to eat bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice. Also starchy vegetables and tropical fruit. And of course I avoid as much as possible sugar in all its forms. Since I got serious about this, I feel much better. I don't have the foot and leg pains, I have more energy, and have got my A1c down to 5.2. I also am a flexitarian--I have meat once or twice a week, sometimes less, and eat pasture-raised eggs, but not every day.

              This website has a lot of information on kidney disease, and is worth exploring. This link goes to the page about potassium--
              also, for creatinine---
              I don't think this website is well-edited, but it does have lots of information. I just avoid anything that purports to be able to reverse or heal kidney disease, on this site or any other.

              I don't trust dietitians any more--carb counting doesn't work for me. I think it encourages us to think we can eat carbs, even if in moderation, and my experience has been that I do better by avoiding them as much as possible. I do have the occasional sandwich, some potato chips or a baked potato, a few bites of pasta or rice, so I can't say I avoid them at all costs, but I save them for occasional treats, maybe small amounts once or twice a week. It's really hard to avoid carbs, but I've worked myself around to it over several years, by thinking of them as an allergy--my body seems to be sensitive to carbs and to react quickly to them. If you try to absolutely avoid carbs for a week, you should feel better, and that will give you the encouragement to stick it out for longer, until you get used to it.

              Avoid salt and processed foods, baked goods, and when you eat out at any type of restaurant/fast food place, you will get salt--I believe it is unavoidable, and should be minimized.

              I get low-carb tortillas, no-sugar-added ice cream, canned pears with no sugar added, diet drinks, and eat low-potassium vegetables, just steamed or sauteed in olive oil. Avoid the heart-healthy foods like oatmeal, bran bread, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, oranges, nuts.
              And the mainstays of my diet are cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, celery, zucchini.
              Without salt and with such a limited diet, I search out things that add flavor and a bit of variety, like Mrs. Dash in all its forms, Thai sweet chili sauce in small amounts, pepper, lemon, etc. I used to like Indian spice mixtures, but most of them have salt, so I collect recipes for other homemade spice mixtures that I can make without salt. Red peppers are good for kidney disease, so I sometimes buy a condiment called Ajvar (at Trader Joe's) which consists of a red pepper paste, as a condiment for meat or omelets. And of course any form of diet cranberry--there is diet cranberry juice, and has recipes for homemade cranberry sauce without sugar in its low-carb diet section.

              In one of the DaVita foums there was a question about low-phosphate drinks, and it mentioned Diet A&W rootbeer. And I am trying to move away from milk products--I just use it now for half-and-half in my coffee, and am trying to find the recommended products there--unenriched, unsweetened rice milk, for example.

              I hope this helps!
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                I have diabetes and third stage CID. I need to lose 50 pounds and. Am struggling .does anyone know if I can take a carbo grabber that is made of white bean extract. I am so carb sensitive. My dr says my a1c should. Be above 7. Idontknow if I trust Drs anymore thanks for any help. Jan911


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                  Ask your doctor. Beans are high in phosphorous and potassium.


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