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Any sites that can actually answer our questions??

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  • Any sites that can actually answer our questions??

    Not being snarky... just trying to find facts..... Anyone know of any sites that answer questions like the ones we post here?? I was hoping there were moderators or DaVita nutrionists that would answer our questions....... plus potassium, etc counts vary so depending on where you look... itís all very frustrating......

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    Yes I agree it's frustrating. I went through the same thing when I started dialysis 11 years ago. I have found that the truth of it is everyone is different and for me it was a matter of trial and error. The charts provided are a good base line and then you work yourself up, down, and around that. If you have questions you can feel free to ask me, and I can try to help you find reasonable answers or at the very least give you an example of how I affected my own treatment. I also have found a few sites to help me.



    Potassium, Phosphorus

    Phosphorus Pyramid

    I hope these pages can help you out some. Drop a specific question here and I'll try to help you find answers or at least point you in the right direction!!!


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      Does anyone know if decaf coffee is ok !


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