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Rx's and untoward ,unwanted renal harm.

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  • Rx's and untoward ,unwanted renal harm.

    So many undesirable renal unfriendly Rx's exist in the USP (United States Pharmacopea). HIgh Blood Pressure, (hypertension) is routinely treated with loop diuretics. Lasix is among the strongest. Most understand sodium is the reason we retain water. Also as we age the heart doesn't pump as well. I am a pharm tech and noted that long ago. Rx's for diuretics continue to be used regardless. Lab values aside, diuretics are harmful. Sodium is a killer. Hidden sodium , foods that don't taste salty are one reason. I love 1% milk. I guess I'll have to try other products. Sometimes I feel that I am running out of foods to enjoy. Salads are excellent, but I feel like a cow !

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    Exercise and kidney function. Perhaps it's only me but I perspire profusely. Even in the winter I sweat until I'm soaked. I'm 6 Ft.-7 In. have a 38 In. waist and weigh 235. I need to gain muscle and lose fat. At 66 years of age my body aches after rigorous exercise. NSAIDS may work but I rarely take them. Tylenol, is harmful to the liver, OUCH


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      And I believe NASIDS are really bad for the kidneys so don’t take them!


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