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vegetarian diet?

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  • vegetarian diet?

    I cannot eat meat or poultry but I can't find vegetarian recipes. Help!

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    I have been told no red meats and soda. I'm trying to find someone that can help me with a diet plan. At this time I am a stage 3 and the doctors are still running test. I might be getting ahead, I want to be ready. Thank you for any input you have give. Micheal (Michele) Cralley. People look at my name and think I'm a male but the true American spelling of Michele is Micheal. The e and the a have been switched from Michael.


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      im on a plant based diet and I can't find or access counseling from Davita for recommendations for plant foods most likely to reverse kidney disease.
      dennis caeton


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        go to national kidney foundation 'search diet'


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          Just start by having no processed or fast foods. Don't be hung up on when to eat certain foods. Have fruit salad for breakfast, Do most of your shopping in the fresh produce section. Limit number of foods that come in a can. I have been a vegetarian for over 8 years and had lots of great recipes until I just found out I have kidney disease, so am learning to change everything up. I have to illuminate tomatoes & cheese and realized I used them every day. I have added red pepper to replace tomatoes and they are great in salads. I make my own salad dressing using olive oil, vinegar (white wine or apple cider) garlic and course black pepper. Lettuce, Onions, Cucumber, radishes, red pepper and I often throw in a few blueberries or strawberries. I make all kinds of recipes with saute onions, celery, red pepper, gai lan, garlic, chopped eggplant. It will take me time to re think my diet as I made tons of home made soups, most tomato based. But I make vegetarian pea soup that is yummy. But I used vege bullion and now have to figure out a low sodium alternative.

          hopefully someone can give me some ideas.


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            Same boat here. Very new to what foods to eat. I ordered a book The Vegetarian diet for kidney disease.
            It's been really helpful. Good luck we've got this girl!


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