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  • Struggling With Diet

    I am new to the Davita site. My doctor sent me here for diet information. I have been stage 5 CKD for 7 years. I am overweight and a yo-yo dieter (and trying to stop that pattern). My condition has been stable (no dialysis or meds) for the past 7 years regardless of my diet, until this past month. I went on a low carb diet for a month and my doctor said my kidney function dropped and many of my other labs regarding my protein were off. She suggested a low protein diet with no more than three servings of animal protein per week, but did not give me any recommendation on how much total protein I should be eating.

    Davita's diet helper is a struggle as well because I have Celiac Disease and a soy intolerance. I cannot use most of the recipes and gluten free substitutes do not always list phosphorus and potassium content. If I try to keep my numbers at the lowest that Davita suggests (since my kidney function is at about 11%), my calories are way too low and I would have to supplement with sugar (soda, etc). I really don't want to do that. Any suggestions? I do not have access to a dietitian, so I am doing my best to figure out what to eat so that I can remain dialysis free for as long as possible.

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    I am only a stage 3 so I don't know if anything I suggest will work for you. I am aware of the extra problem that having more than one illness can cause. Try eating a lot of watermelons. Mean: only fish. Salmon is best. I cut me a strip of salmon about a half inch wide and 2 to 3 inches long. I cook it in olive and coconut oils for a few minutes at a slow fire with garlic. Then I get me some flatbread to make a burrito. I don't know if you can find a suitable bread. I put a little bit of non-dairy, non-egg mayonnaise in it. Then I laid the greens (spinach, celery, etc. I buy one of those mix bags of mini combinations) on the bread. On top of the greens, I sprinkle a few pieces of vegetable cheese. Whole Foods sells this product. And I cut a strawberry in slices. and laid it on top. I smash the salmon with a fork and put it and the garlic on top along with the oil in which I did the cooking. Fold and eat.


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