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Stage 5, Bariatric surgery diet, kidney diet, pre-dialysis

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  • Stage 5, Bariatric surgery diet, kidney diet, pre-dialysis

    Has anyone had bariatric surgery and is a CKD or dialysis patient? I am at 13% eGFR and will be having bariatric surgery in a few months. The bariatric diet is 3 oz protein and 1 oz carbohydrates per meal, 3 meals per day, no snacks, no soda, no high-sugar content foods, etc. I've had kidney disease for 7+ years, diagnosed at the same time I was diagnosed with malignant kidney cancer followed by nephrectomy.

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    There are many types of bariatric surgery. Not all of them are successful so choose wisely. One thing you need to understand and be able to clearly explain to your doctors, is that you will absorb less of any drug you take by mouth.
    Every doctor will nod knowingly when you tell him you had bariatric surgery and then prescribe the same dose he would for any patient. This could put you in jeopardy if you get an infection. I had a Duodenal switch 10 years ago
    and have found this issue with every doctor.


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      I have kidney desease stag 5 my GFR is 15 now should I do dilasit now or just wait a little
      Bit more . Any ideas please help hard to decide.


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        [QUOTE=Phengeangly;n107304]I have your level is very high make sure you get on a list I also have kidney failed and told me at least 6 years but your execptianal


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