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    I am new to CKD and trying to figure this diet out. I have been on some sort of diet my whole life so I know I can do this, just have to retrain my mind. My first concern is how to get enough calories in the day without going over phosphorus limit? Any guidance will be appreciated!

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    Avoid tomatoes, mushrooms, colas, etc.


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      Use the diet helper and put in everything you eat. It will help some. Potassium is easier to track than phosphorus is. If you go to the National Kidney Foundation you can download a kidney nutritional guidelines booklet. You can also buy one for a couple dollars if you want a hard copy. It has a listing of most basic food and their nutritional values. It is very helpful.


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        I use the diet helper to make sure I am not over my limit and plan one week at a time so I can check everything ahead of time and make changes if I need too.


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          That's awesome Lin1263 - happy to hear that you're using the DaVita Diet Helper!


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            I use the diet helper but go to the recipe section because all the ones on the menu plan are high calorie including the substitutions,you may also change the amount of nutrients if you need changes or need to add more protein.


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