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    My Father-in-Law has a mass in his kidney which is decreasing his kidney function. He is 84. He does not yet qualify for dialysis, and I don't think he will do it even if he gets to that point. He feels good, but tired. I have been trying to find a food list that I can present to him so he can choose what to eat. Any suggestions? He is a meat and potatoes man, and is not happy about giving up meat. And, does this include fish, chicken, pork, turkey? His doc (kaiser) won't send him to a nutritionist unless he agrees to change his eating habits, and my FIL wants to see what is offered before he agrees to change. *sigh* Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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    The specifics of what he should or shouldn't eat are going to depend on his specific situation and what his lab results show. I don't think you'll find a "one size fits all" list of what to eat. That's why it's important for him to see a dietitian. For instance there are certain foods he should avoid if his potassium level is high. If his potassium isn't high he might not need to avoid them. I think he should visit with a dietician and see how the discussion comes out before he makes up his mind. Here are a few web sites with general information.

    Nutrition and chronic kidney disease

    Eating Healthy Guidelines

    National Kidney Foundation diet and nutrition links

    Cookbooks for kidney patients

    The American Association of Kidney Patients publishes a couple of magazines that sometimes have articles about nutritional needs of kidney patients.



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      try dulse flakes which regenerate kidney function. Give up potatoes and meat and try rice instead.

      Cheers lewis Jackson


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