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Drinking too much water is harmful?

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  • Drinking too much water is harmful?

    This was so surprising to me: http://www.aakp.org/newsletters/KB--...oo-Much-Water/

    I always thought I should be drinking more water with mild kidney disease!
    Shari, age 43
    Creatinine 1997: 1.0
    Creatinine May 2011: 1.16 Diagnosed w/ renal insufficiency by family doctor
    August 2011: Nephrologist did not feel I have kidney disease, although my eGFR is 58
    HBP: controlled with lisinopril

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    Re: Drinking too much water is harmful?

    Hello Shari,

    I find you post most intresting. My GFR was 39 last year and I have worked very hard on my diet and my last GFR two weeks ago was 58. My Nephrologist told me to drink 70 ounces of water a day. Thanks for the information. I am going to have to do some more research.




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      Re: Drinking too much water is harmful?

      When my husband first went to the kidney doctor ... he told him to drink that much water. But then very shortly there after ... he was told not to drink so much. We kept getting conflicting "stories" for our kidney doctor.
      At first we were trying to control it with diet ... but the doctor never told us what was good or bad to eat !!! So when we were trying to eat a good diet ... turned out to be bad. We feel is the doctor had hooked us us with some information or a dietician ... my husband would not have had to go on diaylsis.


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        Re: Drinking too much water is harmful?

        And then there is this.

        Stage 3 (GFR 35) & Diabetes.


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          Re: Drinking too much water is harmful?

          I am surprised! I was under the impression that drinking water as much as possible, helps. There are controversies between 6 glasses of water & 8 glasses of water. My dear fellows how much water do you drink every day?


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            Re: Drinking too much water is harmful?

            Not really because any excess minerals that your body doesn't absorb & use will just pass through your system.
            Water is good, it is natural medicine. Drink plenty of water, but of course, please EAT as well.


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              Re: Drinking too much water is harmful?

              We often hear that the kidneys need to stay hydrated to drink lots and lots of water. What we often forget is that lots and lots of water usually referred to 8 glasses of water for the average size person.
              The equivalent of 8-8oz glasses, 64 fl. oz or 1/2 gallon.
              Of course for some that might be way too much water depending on height and weight.

              Dialysis patients can't have that much water, unless approved by dialysis unit and/or Neph.

              The reason more than 8 glasses of water might be harmful is because it can dilute the electrolites in our bodies. Electrolites need to be balanced or our bodies will be out of whack.
              Just like too much potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus are not good, too little of those nutrients/ electrolites are dangerous as well.
              I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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