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is water same as drinking tea?

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  • is water same as drinking tea?

    Hi im new here but been on dial for 3 years in June im 27 years old now. But my question is that im only aloude 1Leter of liquid a day and ive been meaning to ask the pd nurses this for ages but keep forgetting hehe. Is drinking water the same as drinking tea. I dont mean for the amount of liquid taken i mean for the actualy needs for your stomoch (spelling tummy). Or should you drink more water then tea?. If you no what i mean.


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    It really depends on what type of Tea you are drinking. Black tea has a lot of caffeine in it and so does Green Tea. Herbal teas don't have caffeine typically, but they do have other things in them. Like rosehips is really high in vitamen C. Personally I like to make weak herbal teas and refridgerate them. They are more thirst satisfying then just water.


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      Re: is water same as drinking tea?

      I started drinking green tea when I gave up coffee, and loved how refreshing it felt to drink in the morning compared to the gluggy feeling I felt after a big cup of coffee. And tea is widely known as a healthier alternative because of its extremely high levels of antioxidants. But with regards to water, I think both are different. Tea has a lot of flavors with a lot of benefits and water is pure and beneficial especially for hydration purposes.


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