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    I'm so hungry!!!!!

    I've tried to stick to the dialysis diet as best I could this weekend - just started dialysis in center in Wayne, WV this past Friday. I had a date with a delightful lady and went to a Chinese buffet where I stuck purely to meat and a donut covered in sugar. But, being that it's a buffet, I ate until I was full. I did blow the fluid intake restriction outta the water as I forgot. I'm new.

    Other than that, I stuck as close as western West Virginia would allow to the diet as possible for the weekend with basically no notice on diet needs changing.

    But. I. Am. Hungry.

    It seems like I'm starving. I'm so hungry. Is there a way to curb the omgimstarving feeling?

    I'm 6'4", 220 to 230 lbs, and 39. In fairly decent health other than renal failure, and all my labs come in fine except my protein level is a tad low and my "cleaning" level is barely under range of good.

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    Hi Roxofoxer! Have you had the chance to meet with a local renal dietitian? If not, your care team should be able to refer you to one and they can help address any specific diet questions you have. The DaVita Diet Helper is also a great tool to help you follow a kidney-friendly diet: It will allow you to plan and track kidney-friendly meals that adhere to your daily nutritional goals. There are over 1,000 recipes to choose from (or you can add your own) so I'm sure you'll be able to find some you enjoy!

    I hope that helps


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