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Adding a recipe from a cook book?

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  • Adding a recipe from a cook book?

    Hello, brand new to this and loving the features. A little confused figuring them all out. I知 trying to plan and track my diet really well and I知 not able to find/add a recipe I found elsewhere (renal cookbook), is there a way to manually enter this? Like ingredients and nutrition information? I know I need more practice navigating the site to know what I知 doing. But can稚 seem to find this type of feature. Thank you in advance for any and all insight!

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    I found the my creations tab but the preserving nutrition label auto populated incorrectly based on serving size from my book. It痴 significantly higher. Can I edit this manually? Open to sharing recipes but want it to accurate.


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      Hi Brittanyawirth,

      Welcome to the forums and DaVita Diet Helper. There are 2 ways you can add your recipe. First, you can choose to Add a Recipe from My Creations. This feature will provide a page to input recipe ingredients, servings and preparation notes. It will recalculate your recipe to provide nutrients. These may not match the nutrients shown in your cookbook due to the vast number of ingredients in databases.

      The other option is to choose the Add New Food option and enter the recipe name and nutrition values from your cookbook. However this option does not include ability to add ingredients and preparation notes.

      Another tip--when you add your own foods include an identifier in the food name so you know it is your own added item. ( I include my initials). Then when you are looking for your item when planning or tracking it will be easier to find.

      Check your messages--I sent you a note.


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