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my book - My Renal Life - sharing my 20 years of PKD and dialysis

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  • my book - My Renal Life - sharing my 20 years of PKD and dialysis

    Hi Everyone with PKD,
    After sharing my knowledge and experiences with many of my family members, who have developed end stage renal disease and had to undergo some form of dialysis to sustain their lives, and also fellow dialysis patients at my unit, and anyone else out there, that have concerns about living a long, productive life with dialysis, I am living proof that yes you can live a long productive life with dialysis. I also know first hand how complex this renal diet can be, From the early 1990 when I started dialysis, it still remains complex this very day, although it has gotten a little more liberal through the years, because I remember the chart that was given to me by the dietitian of the unit,and it wasn't a very friendly chart I swear that chart was screaming at me, with all those red x's marked through all the food that happen to be my favorites. I tried to follow that chart to a T. I soon grew tired of my food tasting so blaine, with no flavor whatsoever. I had to find a compromise to this, so I began to search libaries and bookstores for a renal diet book, and couldn't locate one, so I did the next best thing, I researched nutrition books, and collected those recipes cards at my neighborhood supermarket and I studied them, and began to substitute one ingredient for another, that would help in accomodating my particular renal diet needs. As I have learned through the years that every dialysis patients diet isn't followed exactly the same, however, there are some similarities. I am not a diabetic, so my recipes are geared directly towards non-diabetic dialysis patients, but a lot of my friends that are diabetics on dialysis, have tried some of my recipes, because they liked my recipes, because they were so tasty and easy to make. Even though they are diabetic, they still have to follow a renal diet, inspite of their diabetic diet issues. Most of my recipes that I share in the book are very easy to prepare and make. And I do point out some very important nutritonal facts where the intake of potassium and phosphorus is concerned. And of course throughout my book, I stress the importance of taking those binders. Sharing my experiences and knowledge in this book, I hope can help anyone out there get a grasp on this very complex renal diet, and how to continue managing their good health with dialysis and medication. I had a ten year run with hemodialysis and now in my tenth year of peritoneal dialysis. I also talk about numerous Grafts and repairs that resulted me to transitioning to peritoneal dialysis for treatment.
    My book is available online at, just click on the bookstore and search lower righ sidebar - My Renal Life - by Gloria Ann Jeff-Moore - you can read a brief description and then click on My Renal Life - an read an excerpt and my author bio.
    Thank You,
    Gloria Ann Jeff-Moore, a veteran PD dialysis patient at Davita, Fairfield, CA

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    Re: my book - My Renal Life - sharing my 20 years of PKD and dialysis

    For those who can't find it here is the direct link:

    I have one and it even has recipes!
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      So funny what center do you go to?
      I'm in FF also
      I want to get your book but maybe I can just purchased it directly from you


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