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Running hydration / fuel

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  • Running hydration / fuel

    Hi everyone

    Those of you have CKD/IGAN etc and also do running - I would love to hear from you what do you consume when doing long distance running? So far I only take water but I've read in IGAN support group on facebook that some of the patients also take electrolytes for long runs and the likes of Gatorade.

    They don't sell Gatorade from where I come from but we do have drinks like 100+, Pokka etc which is basically isotonic drinks for sports/atheletes to consume after a vigorous workout.

    I would love to hear if you take for example: any energy gels/tablets for your long runs and the recommended brands. Thanks!

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    I like Gatorade myself, I live right near where Gatorade was first made (Central Florida) for the Florida Gators Football team. Gatorade used to have a higher sodium content, now it is more in line with replenishing your electrolytes. I realize that I have not answered your question very well, could you tell me what is IGAN?


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